Saturating Tucson with the pro-Torah Gospel
Messiah centered--Spirit led--pro Torah!!
About Beit Hallel

Beit Hallel is a community of disciples dedicated to learning and acting upon the teachings of our Master Yeshua the Messiah.  We strive to maintain the family nature that we’ve come to be known for, and we challenge ourselves to be transparent in our walks with each other.


Beit Hallel upholds the validity of God’s Torah (the Law) for the New Covenant believer.  We believe that the work Yeshua began–the very same work the Apostles continued–was the inauguration of the New Covenant prophesied before in the Prophetic Writings.  This New Covenant work would be evidenced by a removal of our sins and the Torah being written upon our hearts.


Beit Hallel desires to uphold many of the practices of traditional Judaism, while continuing to live in the freedom that the Spirit of God expresses in our gatherings.  We pray the prayers that Israel has prayed for thousands of years.  We read through the Torah, the Prophets and the Apostolic Scriptures in our meetings.  We praise and worship the God of Israel through music and Scripture reading.  And at any time, the Spirit of God may put something on anyone’s heart to share with the community.


In essence, we love the God of Israel and His Word with all our hearts!  And we love each other with the same love!

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Come Worship with us!

We are meeting at the Open Heavens Fellowship, located at:


The Grant Road Industrial Center

2445 N. Coyote Dr.  #101

Tucson AZ 85745

(520) 352-9865


Email us at:


We gather on Saturday afternoons from 2:00pm to 4:00pm.  Our services have a mixture of Praise and Worship music, some traditional prayers, the reading of the Scriptures and a teaching.  We have an elective class time from 4:00-5:00pm for those interested in learning more!


We welcome you to join us!

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Beit Hallel’s Mission

Our Mission

To establish a Stronghold of Righteousness in Tucson and Southern Arizona.

We see this as a vibrant, family oriented, multi-ethnic community of disciples that wants to share the love of Yeshua and the centrality of the Torah to the people of Tucson and Southern Arizona.



Our Vision

Mission1 shadowed

Build a community of Messiah-centered, pro-Torah disciples through community acts of kindness, developing discipleship materials and groups, and seeking service opportunities to those in need.

Mission2 shadowed

Saturate Tucson with the Gospel in its original Hebraic context through written, audio/video blogs and various media resources, including radio, books and public media campaigns.

Mission3 shadowed

Develop leaders who develop leaders through curriculum-based learning programs, apprenticed service and ministry opportunities.

Mission4 shadowed

Send out emissaries to raise up Messianic communities throughout greater Tucson and Southern Arizona towns.

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